A Tribute To Ken & Brutal Attack – Vinyl LP Black


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A Tribute To Ken & Brutal Attack – Vinyl LP Black

Released by: PP Versand & Label
Genre: RAC
Country: UK / Australia / Netherlands / Belgium / Canada / Russia

New tribute LP to Ken & Brutal Attack, the oldest still existing RAC band. Ken & BA have made history like no other RAC band. After the tragic end of Skrewdriver, BA stepped up and took charge, impressive as we think and so did Jonsey from English Rose, he put this compilation together. Bands paying their tribute are: English Rose (England), Sassem Bootboys (Netherlands / with Tim of Brigade M), Blackout (Wales), Spatter Pattern (Australia / Jesse of Deathshead), Stevie & Mark (England), Short Cropped (Belgium), Vinland Warriors (Canada), The Whiteheads (England), Sadko (Russia / Antisystem Solo), Blood Red Eagle (Australia), Les Vilains (Belgium), Stormtroop 16 (USA), Aggressive Force (USA), Kill Baby Kill (Belgium) und Dissident (Australia). 15 songs of purer RAC & Skinhead history! All but 4 songs have been recorded new. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.