Blutzeugen – Parsifal – Compact Disc


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Blutzeugen – Parsifal – Compact Disc

A long time coming, 6 years after the last album was released, we’re now holding the new masterpiece in our hands. While the haters weren’t happy to hear a new BZ is in the making, the band was unstoppable. With ” Zum Appell” and “Wo sind Sie hin”, this album starts with a musical firework. The band is taking no prisoner with the titles, “Helm ab zum Gebet”, “Nibelungentreue” and “Dolchstoß” reinforcing their ideological confessions. For the first time in the bands history, the Frontman is not only growling, he is also showing his softer and melodic side in his songs.


Artist: Blutzeugen
Album: Parsifal
Released by: OPOS Records
Genre: RAC / Metal
Country: Germany

01. Zum Appell
02. Wo Sind Sie Hin?
03. Fahneneid
04. Helm Ab Zum Gebet
05. Parsifal
06. Nibelungentreue
07. Kalt Weht Der Wind
08. Schwerte Und Brillanten
09. Sie Leben!
10. Dolchstoß
11. Halte Aus…
18. Circus Idioticus (Hidden Track)