Blutzeugen – Völkisch Orthodox – Compact Disc


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Blutzeugen – Völkisch Orthodox – Compact Disc

Boom!! What an explosion! Blutzeugen is probably Germanies most wanted band at the moment! After touring all around Europe(hopefully one day in the US) the band reached a huge following. Band has made a big jump forward to the last album and the lyrics don’t leave any doubt, that this band means what they are singing about. With songs like  “Ewig Treu” and ” Sturmlied” does the band and clear statement. 11 songs plus intro and Bonus is the band rounding up a milestone od music in our scene. 20 page booklet that this time have no lyrics but a great story of the past, which will put you back to the good old days.

Released by: OPOS Records
Genre: RAC / Metal
Country: Germany

01. Kriegserklärung
02. Ewig Treu
03. Wenn sie fallen
04. Dem Feind entgegen
05. Bis zum Tod
06. Babylon wird untergehen
07. Budapest 1944-1945
08. Volksverrat
09. Sturmlied
10. Menschenfeind
11. In Memoriam
12. Feuersturm
13. XXVI / V / XXIII
14. Kitartas!
15. Bonus