Grinded Nig ‎- Shriek Of The Mutilated – Compact Disc


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Grinded Nig‎- Shriek Of The Mutilated – Compact Disc

Released by: BHS Service
Genre: Grindcore
Country: USA

01. The Return Of Grinded Nig
02. Blood On The Knife
03. Shredded Cock In Rotten White Cunt
04. Shriek Of The Mutilated
05. Aryan Metal Fist
06. Mortis
07. GN Strut
08. Splatterday
09. Daddy, Daddy, Call The Coroner! I Just Killed Another
10. Torture & Humiliation
11. Toolbox Murders
12. Butchery On K.Street
13. Lil’ Rat
14. Rapist
15. WP Headbanger
16. Predominantly Black
17. Iron Vigilante
18. Rotten Eclipse
19. Fuck
20. Hanging From A Tree
21. Molester In Training
22. Mutated Octopus
23. Grandma Tessmocker Part 1
24. Grandma Tessmocker Part 2

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