KT8 – Winteress – Compact Disc


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KT8 – Winteress – Compact Disc

America has a female Voice and her name is Kt8! With Roy behind her on instruments, she rocks the CD with her unique Punk Rock voice. 7 own songs plus a great Skrewdriver cover made it on this CD. We’re looking forward to hear more and until then this CD stays in our CD Player. The booklet rounds up a good debut CD.

Released by: HC Streetwear Productions
Genre: RAC / Punk
Country: USA

feat. Roy of Final War (guitar, bass, backing vocals)

01. Ravens and Ruins
02. Hyperborean Hunger
03. Orsic 1945
04. Destroy Me
05. Hel Kats
06. Streetfight
07. Black Cathedral
08. Queen’s Lament