Moshpit – An Eternal Torch Can Light A Million


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Moshpit – An Eternal Torch Can Light A Million

15 years Moshpit and the boys don’t stop were they have left of with the album before. After the album “We carry the heart” put some of our brother and sisters in weird stage of shock, this album should take their breath away (breath don’t die).The band is showing us the way of hard and melodic tunes. The lyrics are very thoughtful and very personal which you can hear in the voice on the singer. This CD should encourage to do more and be more active.14 songs and 16 page booklet with all the lyrics. Get yourself an part of NS Hardcore history and you will be not disappointed !!!

Released by: OPOS Records
Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore
Country: Germany

01. Introduction (01:45)
02. Overcome (03:58)
03. Eternal Torch (05:34)
04. Voice Of The Weak (03:55)
05. Road Less Traveled (04:13)
06. Golden Remedy (04:15)
07. Fault In Our Stars (04:27)
08. Interlude (03:04)
09. Moral Decay (03:38)
10. Price To Pay (05:53)
11. Left Behind (04:04)
12. Still Dreaming (05:14)
13. Phoenix (Acoustic Version \ Bonus Track) (04:30)
14. Eternal Torch (Videoclip)