Skrewdriver – All Skrewed Up Compact Disc


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Skrewdriver – All Skrewed Up

Artist: Skrewdriver
Album: All Skrewed Up
Released by: Chiswick Records
Genre: RAC / Oi!
Country: United Kingdom

01. Where’s It Gonna End (Donaldson, Walmsley)
02. Government Action (Donaldson, Walmsley)
03. Back Street Kids (Donaldson, Walmsley)
04. Gotta Be Young (Donaldson, Walmsley)
05. I Don’t Need Your Love (Donaldson, Walmsley)
06. I Don’t Like You (Donaldson)
07. Antisocial (Donaldson)

08. (Too Much) Confusion (Donaldson, Walmsley)
09. 9 Till 5 (Donaldson, Walmsley)
10. Jailbait (Donaldson, Walmsley)
11. We Don’t Pose (Donaldson, Walmsley)
12. The Only One (Donaldson, Walmsley)
13. Won’t Get Fooled Again (Townhend, Daltrey)

Skrewdriver – All Skrewed Up