Sons of Odin – Odin’s Demolition Crew


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Sons of Odin – Odin’s Demolition Crew

What happens if you put Griffin and Odin’s demolition Crew together in a studio? Exactly: a brand new record!!! Sons of Odin is the new Band of Griffin and his Crew. The album is a total success, vocals and music are harmonizing perfectly. 11 well made songs and a nice booklet with nice artwork.

Artist: Sons Of Odin
Album: Odin’s Demolition Crew
Released by: Nordic Sun Records Budapest
Genre: RAC
Country: Canada / Hungary

project of Griffin and Hundriver

01. Traitor To Your People (03:42)
02. Odins Demolition Crew (05:02)
03. NS Girl (03:00)
04. Whiskey And Beer (03:35)
05. 22 (03:21)
06. Fur Fritze (04:04)
07. White Boy (04:22)
08. Skullspliter (03:25)
09. State Of Emergency (02:39)
10. Hall Of Shields (01:42)
11. Sons Of Odin (02:49)