Spearhead – Decrowning the Irenarch – Compact Disc


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Spearhead – Decrowning the Irenarch – Compact Disc

Militant and sophisticated Death Metal from England. In the vein of Angelcorpse, classic Morbid Angel, Carcass and Entombed, Spearhead add extra grit and bite to their style and sound elevating them above many of their peers in the international Death Metal scene.

As Black/Death Metal albums go, there is little opportunity to be upset by any of the 38 minutes of “Decrowning the Irenarch”, especially considering the relative inexperience of the band with this being just their second full-length. The album ends on a high note with the instrumental “Aftermath”, featuring further displays of Spearhead’s musical arsenal of intelligent lead work and quite un-Death Metal-like, gloriously hook-laden riffs, a factor I believe that should help this appeal to more than just the standard Black/Death Metal fan. It appears that wherever war exists Spearhead will draw imperious inspiration, and given mankind’s love affair with killing each other whenever possible, Spearhead have all the chances of being a name-to-remember for years to come.

1. Prolegomenon
2. Decrowning The Irenarch
3. When the Pillars Fall
4. Road to Austerlitz
5. Interregnum
6. Iulianus Augustus Apostata
7. In the Face of the Absolute
8. Thus Always to Tyrants
9. Mors Triumphalis
10. Brotherhood of Arms
11. Aftermath