Storm – 30 Years Anniversary Box


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Storm – 30 Years Anniversary Box only

Storm’s 30th anniversary box will contain five singles total, all limited and made in exclusive Ecopacks. All five are also parts of a rebus.

The wooden box is limited to 500 copies and will not be released again. It is engraved and contains, in addition to the track list of all 5 singles:

-A morph with Storm’s logo

-Two different laser cut stickers of higher quality

-A Storm fabric brand

-These different products are only sold in this limited box

In this anniversary box, the 5 different singles will be released over time. Buying the Anniversary Box will include 3 Ecopack Single releases so far. The Box is complete with all 5 singles. The other 2 will be added as soon as they are released and arrived.  

CD’s included:

Dikt Och Förbannad Lögn:

01. Dikt Och Förbannad Lögn
02. It´s War – It´s Now


01. W-I-R
02. I De Blindas Rike

Något Så Vackert:

01. Något Så Vackert
02. Resistance

Storm – Crime of our time:

01. Crime of our time
02. Bit den hand som föder