The American Regime – Paperback Book


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The American Regime – Paperback Book

After being targeted by the federal government in the wake of the events on January 6th, 2021, the author of The American Regime delves into the study of history, philosophy, and politics to answer the singular question of our time: what precisely is the nature of the evil that now openly rules over America and, through the American empire, the broader world?

The great irony of our time is that while more Americans than ever understand that they live under an oppressive regime, the number of theories about the nature of that oppression, and about who exactly it is that is oppressing us, has only multiplied. Once one steps past the simple acknowledgement that the United States is no longer the land of the free, disagreement abounds.

The author sets forth to confront the most prominent theories of political power, searching for a single, coherent understanding capable of describing the nature of the modern Leviathan. With that goal, he challenges widely-held assumptions about history, power, decline, and collapse, identifying where others have gotten it right, and filling in the gaps where they have failed to identify a necessary element. In an era of lies and tyranny, the truth will indeed set us free—but only if we can identify that what passes for truth is often little more than the blind leading the blind.

Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present The American Regime. This fascinating analysis of power in modern America is a worthy contribution to Western political literature and is indispensable when working to understand the world we live in today.