Tribute to Final War – Compact Disc


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Tribute to Final War – Compact Disc

21 years ago California and rest the World had to witness the birth of one of the best RAC / Punk bands that our scene had ever seen. “Final War” was born! Lyrics which spoke out, what we were thinking and motivated us to keep going. But not only that, the Band paved a milestone on the roads of our Victory. While the band doesn’t exist anymore their songs are still being played in many CD players all around the World and will be always and forever a part of us. Even if the Band was short lived they wrote history and that’s why we took it on us to pay a Tribute to them. 21 Bands from all around the World got together to show that Final War is not forgotten and that we are still living for what we belief and what Final War was standing for. We want to thank all 21 bands for the amazing work they put in to this Tribute Album and thank you Final War for Music that will live on forever.

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Bands :

Katastrof (ITL),, Smart Violence (Germany), True Notes (USA), Bulletproof, The Yardbombs (Australia), KT8 and the bad Wolves ( USA), We Want War ( Sweden), Mistreat ( Finland), Max Resist (USA), Thumscrew (Spain), Muerte Y Calaveras (Argentina), IRONWILL (USA), 14 Sacred Words (USA), Bastardized Deplorable (USA), Sons of Odin (Canada), Skumshot (Greece), Pagan Skull (Finland), Empire Falls (USA), Marder (Finland), Weltherrschaft, One Million Lies (Sweden)