Uruk-Hai – The Battle – Compact Disc


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Uruk-Hai – The Battle – Compact Disc

Released by: Drama Records
Genre: Dark Ambient
Country: Spain

01. Chapter_I: The Battle (Introduction To War)
02. Chapter_II: Calm After Storm (Blood On The Battlefield)
03. Chapter_III: Thunderpower (Praying To The Gods Of War)
04. Chapter_IV: Poem To The Dead (Remember The Fallen Heroes)
05. Chapter_V: Icy Winds Over The Battlefield (The Dead Become Einherjer)
06. Chapter_VI: Strength & Honour (Preparing For Battle)
07. Chapter_VII: Rabensang (The Blackwinged Messengers)
08. Chapter_VIII: And The Battle Continues (Only War Is Real)
09. Untitled
10. Chapter_IX: The Secret Of Steel (The Price Of Each Battle)