Velimor(Велимор) – For The Glory Of Our Kin – Rujan – Compact Disc


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Velimor(Велимор) – For The Glory Of Our Kin(Во Славу Рода!) – Rujan(Руян) – Compact Disc

Released by: Stellar Winter
Genre: NSBM
Country: Russia

English translation:
mini-album 2004 “For The Glory Of Our Kin”
1. The Black Forest Breath
2. Celestial Gates
3. Raised By Anger To The Horror Of The Tamed Ones
4. Proud Serbia (Warhead Cover)

Recorded upon the rise of the slawonic spring 2004 under the Hammer of Heathen War in the glare of the Celestial Axes. Hail to those who’ve stood by our side on the battlefield of glory as a hall of spears and shields. Thunderbolts of Victories To Our Aryan Unity of the Solar Swords.

demo-album 2001 “Rujan”
5. The Unseen Part Of My Land
6. Rujan
7. Wolfsnight
8. Celestial Gates
9. The Flame Of War
10. Smoke
11. The Crystall Tears Of Heaven

Recorded upon the downing of the Foggy autumn of 2001 In the twilight of the judeochrist, the creation would Fall in ashes and dust. The crowd would melt with the mud, spiting their own blood. Everything Faceless would vanish into nothingness. The blood would boil, shining the night with the Flame, in the Fiery wind of the ancient, in the memory of the past, there, where Velimor raised his sword…