Whitelaw – Echoes From the Past – DVD Box Edition


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Whitelaw – Echoes From the Past – DVD Box Edition

This is the blackshirts edition which comes in a slimmed dvd-case and contains five extra tracks, four demo songs which never made it to the album and one track which is an interview with Benny about the album.

Midgård records are proud to present Whitelaw’s seventh studio album, a worthy follower of Rise Of The Battalions, which also was the last time we heard from these gentlemen. (And as you know that we’ve since then have had time to re-press both Take the salute and Kick the reds in.) You also know that it was on Rise Of The Battalions that the band introduced us to their new and improved sound, without ever loosing touch with where they came from. To make a long story short, it is classic British RAC with a modern and interesting touch!

The album features 12 tracks with a ground-breaking sound. The true highlights in the mix are “Mixed up world”, “The great white replacement”, “Still number 1” and “Runaway” which not only fortifies the bands position but pushes it forward. The expression Old is gold couldn’t be more appropriate.

The whole thing is wrapped in a dashing booklet with a portray of Sir Oswald Mosley on the front and the lyrics and some pictures on the inside, as it should be. Quote Label


1: Mixed up world

2: Long way down

3: Red scum

4: Hail the European victory

5: The great white replacement

6: White whores

7: Made to last

8: That’s life

9: Still number 1

10: We salute you

11: Runaway

12: If i had my way


13. Commentary track

14. These are the days

15. Run run run

16. Finish what we started

17. Answered your call